Naivasha Owl Centre

A Bird of Prey Rescue & Care Centre based in Naivasha, Kenya. KWS approved.

The Naivasha Owl Centre is one arm of the Kenya Bird of Prey Trust. The other arm is the Raptor Camp on Soysambu conservancy.

Sarah Higgins, Simon Thomsett (the country's leading raptor expert and falconer) and Shiv Kapila run the Centre and Simon also runs the Raptor Camp. We take in injured or sick birds, mainly birds of prey and owls but actually any bird can find help here. Here they are repaired or made well, where it is possible, and then released back into the wild. At present we employ two staff, Mwanzia and Mwapa and have two interns Caroline and Alfred who help look after the 50 or so birds that we seem to have in at any one time.
This operation is entirely self funded and so donations are always welcome to help cover the cost of medication, food and bandages etc.
The Raptor Camp on Soysambu is a wonderful wild place where you can go and stay in rustic comfort and interact with the birds of prey that Simon is rehabilitating. A totally magical place.

Non-Profit Organization